During the baseline only, countywide data were collected via RDD in the counties of each of the local sites. Identifying information was collected in a questionnaire separate from the substantive information; this questionnaire was called the “Roster Booklet”. A core set of questions common to all sites was developed for each wave of the Making Connections survey. In addition to the core questions local sites contributed approximately 15 questions custom- tailored to their individual initiatives.


Now available to approved researchers are three fully harmonized cross-sectional datasets from the three waves of the Making Connections neighborhood survey, plus fifteen longitudinal datasets. These confidential datasets are housed in NORC’s data enclave (see the Data Access page for more information). Detailed documentation describing each of the confidential datasets and associated population of inference, along with a data dictionary formatted in Excel for easy searching and filtering, may be found below.

Making Connections Questionnaire Cross-walk and Source Documentation

A database which includes a crosswalk and source of the questions used in the Making Connections baseline instrument may be of use to researchers as they develop their analytic plan. (View Documentation Spreadsheet)